Parandróide #34


Nehemiah Curtis 'Skip' James no Festival de Newport, 1964

foto: Dick Waterman



Prove It On Me, Ma Rainey (1928);
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Bessie Smith (1929);
Black Betty, Lead Belly (1939);
The Soul Of A Man, 'Blind' Willie Johnson (1930);
Stack O'Lee Blues, 'Mississippi' John Hurt (1927);
Black Dog, 'Blind' Blake (1927);
Statesboro Blues, 'Blind' Willie McTell (1928);
Black Snake Moan, 'Blind Lemon' Jefferson (1927);
Deep Blue Sea Blues, Lonnie Johnson (1928);
Devil Got My Woman, 'Skip' James (1931);
Walkin' Blues, Robert Johnson (1937)
Good Morning, School Girl, 'Sonny Boy' Williamson (1937);
Goin' Down To The River, 'Mississippi' Fred McDowell (gravação 'live' no The American Folk-Blues Festival, Londres, 1965);
Hey Hey, 'Big Bill' Broonzy (1956);
I Can't Quit You Baby, Otis Rush (1956);
No Shoes, John Lee Hooker (1960)
Spoonful, Howlin' Wolf (1960);
You Can't Lose What You Ain't Had, Muddy Waters, "The Real Folk Blues (compilação)" (1965);
John The Revelator, Son House (1965);
Born Dead, J.B. Lenoir, "J.B. Lenoir" (1970 - gravações de 1966).


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